Is a ‘Boyhood’ Sequel Completely out of the Question? Maybe Not…

by: S. Scott Stanikmas

I loved Boyhood. It was an amazing accomplishment logistically as well as narratively. Richard Linklater and everyone else involved did something that nobody had ever really seen before, capturing something truly special.It also happened to be one of my top movies of 2014.

Some films just don’t lend themselves to a sequel and this was one of them. It told the story it needed to tell and left us watching Mason go from a boy to a young man. But like all good Hollywood ideas, talk of a sequel creeped up when people talked about Boyhood.

Recently, The Hollywood Reporter sat down with Boyhood producer John Sloss and posed the question about possibly continuing the franchise. Here’s what was asked and how it was carefully answered:

THR: What is the possibility of a Boyhood sequel?

JOHN SLOSS: It’s interesting because if you ask the people directly involved, they all say, “I wouldn’t count it out.” They had the time of their lives making it. The last year has been an amazing ride in terms of getting it out into the world. Right now everyone’s recovering from a little Boyhood fatigue. I would put it at unlikely, but I wouldn’t put it at impossible.

I’m completely of the mind that Boyhood is perfect as is and definitely does not need to be continued in any way, shape or form. If it happens it happens, but I don’t think they can capture the same magic twice on this one.

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