Will Poulter To Remind You Why You’re Scared of Clowns in Cary Fukunaga’s ‘It’

by: S. Scott Stanikmas

L14A7881.DNGWhen I see Will Poulter I can’t help but think of his scene stealing rap in We’re The Millers. This kid is comedy gold. But apparently Cary Fukunaga sees something darker in him, as Poulter has just been cast as Pennywise in the director’s upcoming adaptation of It according to Variety.

The role, made famous by Tim Curry, was originally supposed to go to an older actor. But after Poulter’s audition, Fukunaga was swayed to go in a much different direction and with a much younger actor.

The adaptation will be two films, shot back to back, with shooting slated to begin in late June in New York.

The original novel focused on a group of kids that encounter an evil force. They then band together again as adults to fight the evil one more time.

Fukunaga will direct both parts as well as co-write the scripts with scribe Chase Palmer. One film will focus on the protagonists as kids and the other will focus on them as adults.

Apparently Poulter’s role in The Revenant had the studio looking at him for this film and Fukunaga said he was “blown away” by the audition (which I would love to see as a Blu-ray extra when these films finally come out on home media).

As the one actor that will be in both films, this will be Will Poulter’s chance to shine and show the world what he can truly do.

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