Christoph Waltz to Show us ‘The Worst Marriage in Georgetown’

by: S. Scott Stanikmas

Christoph Waltz is a man that wears many hats. Onscreen he’s been a Nazi, a bounty hunter, a crazed crime boss and a fraudulent painter just to name a few. But this fall he’ll add another feather in his cap – director.

Variety reports that Waltz has signed on to star and make his directorial debut in the true crime thriller The Worst Marriage in Georgetown. He’ll be working off a script by Pulitzer winner David Auburn, who has adapted Franklin Foer’s New York Times Magazine article for the screen.

The film will center on Albrecht Muth (Waltz), a young and eccentric social climber who seduced and eventually married elderly widow Viola Drath. Things were bad between the couple for years, even leading to some reports of domestic violence. Still, Muth continually lied about his background and was called on his bluffs when Drath was found murdered.

The story gets even more twisted – Muth was 26 and Drath was 71 when they married! The main crux of the story will take place later on in the couple’s relationship, so Waltz will be a little closer to the proper age to play Muth.

It’s interesting that Waltz has chosen to give himself such a dark and conniving character to play in his debut behind the lens. But he has such a range that I feel the two time Oscar winner can do pretty much anything at this point in time.

Production is set to begin this October.

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