Aaron Paul to Look for ‘The Parts you Lose’

by: S. Scott Stanikmas

Ever since the end of Breaking Bad, Aaron Paul has had his choice of roles. He hasn’t chosen all that wisely though, with roles in the critically panned films Need for Speed and Exodus. But his luck may be about to change.

News out of Cannes is that Aaron Paul has signed on for the suspense drama The Parts You Lose, which is set to be helmed by Dutch director Paula van der Oest.

The film is centered on Wesley, an 8-year-old hearing impaired boy who discovers and injured and possibly dangerous fugitive in the small town in North Dakota where he lives. The pair forge an unlikely friendship as Wesley finds somewhere that he can escape from the troubles of the real world. I’m going under the assumption that Paul will play the fugitive.

I like the sound of this. I liked it even better when I saw it as Mud. The premise does sound a bit like Jeff Nichols awesome film about a pair of boys who find a fugitive hiding out in their treehouse and become friends with him. Writer Darren Lemke may have crafted a wholly original tale, but until I can read a script that’s the most obvious comparison that comes to mind.

Otherwise, this sounds like just what Aaron Paul needs to revitalize his career – a strong drama where he can shine and show his acting skills. Hopefully a script review shows that this is the movie where Paul can turn his track record around.

To be fair, Aaron Paul deserves a free pass for the rest of his life after Breaking Bad.

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