Marvel Looking at Jason Statham for a Killer Role in Daredevil Season 2??


by: S. Scott Stanikmas

Daredevil was a huge success for Marvel and Netflix. It was a success in the eyes of fans and critics alike. A second season being ordered was a no-brainer.

After the wonderful and nuanced performance by Vincent D’Onofrio as Wilson “Kingpin” Fisk, where does the series go? he obvious answer is the villain fans were asking for once the first season ended – Bullseye! But what actor could possibly portray the master assassin?

Daredevil Bullseye 2Latino Review has it on good authority that Jason Statham will play the killer with the killer aim in season two of Daredevil. They couldn’t get official confirmation, but they report that Statham was seen talking to reps from Marvel earlier this week during breaks from his press tour for Spy.

This would be Statham’s second go-round with the property, as he was rumored to be involved with FOX’s movie reboot prior to the rights reverting back to Marvel.

Other villains rumored for the sophomore season were Mr. Fear, Mysterio (a Spider-Man rogue, but one who gave Daredevil a run for his money during his re-launch by Kevin Smith, Joe Quesada and Jimmy Palmiotti) and his love interest Elektra Natchios.

The new season is expected to start filming at the end of June or the start of July.


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