Chiwetel Ejiofor’s Character in ‘Doctor Strange’ Revealed!

Chiwetel Ejiofor

by: S. Scott Stanikmas

Back in January it was announced that Chiwetel Ejiofor would be joining Marvel Studio’s Doctor Strange film. At the time sources were saying that Ejiofor would not be the villain and speculation as to who he would play ran rampant.

But Deadline is reporting that Ejiofor will be playing the villain…kind of.

The actor is apparently up for the role of Baron Mordo in the upcoming supernatural comic book movie. In the Baron Mordocomics, Mordo is a villain who trains under the Ancient One with Stephen Strange. Mordo attempts to kill the Ancient One and his plan gets foiled by the good doctor.

In the film Mordo will be a composite of villains from the rich history of Doctor Strange.

While plot details are being kept under wraps, the casting is looking phenomenal. With Benedict Cumberbatch as the lead, Tilda Swinton being rumored for the Ancient One and now Chiwetel Ejiofor playing the main antagonist, this film is looking more like an Oscar-worthy drama than a comic book adaptation.

Doctor Strange, which is set to be directed by Scott Derrickson, will hit theaters November 4, 2016.

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