Could Colin Trevorrow Trade The Jurassic Era for a Galaxy Far, Far Away?

colin-trevorrow 2

by: S. Scott Stanikmas

With Jurassic World getting some decent reviews, it’s only logical that director Colin Trevorrow would get suggested for almost any big sci-fi epic that’s set to go into pre-production. But would the director be interested in possibly helming a Star Wars film anytime soon?

The folks at /Film sat down for an interview with Treverrow and talked to him about how Brad Bird passing on Jurassic World for Star Wars led to the director getting the nod for the dinosaur flick. Now that Bird has been rumored for Star Wars but is busy with The Incredibles 2, the topic has come up again.

Trevorrow had the following to say:

Yeah, I can’t say no to that idea. Look, I think you’d know I was lying if I said I would never ever do a Star Wars film. I could tell you absolutely, 100 percent for sure I’m not doing or involved in the Boba Fett one. And I’m sure they’ll find a great filmmaker to do it. And I’m so impressed with the choices they have made. And I think specifically Rian Johnson is such an awesome filmmaker. And I’m so excited to see what he does.

So while the galaxy far, far away isn’t in Colin Trevorrow’s immediate future, he did say that he would love to be involved in the property and put his unique stamp on the Star Wars universe.

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