Terry Gilliam Takes his Don Quixote to Amazon

Terry Gilliam

by: S. Scott Stanikmas

A while back it was confirmed that Terry Gilliam would be headed to online retailer Amazon to create content for its streaming service. Now it has been confirmed that Amazon will be the home for Gilliam’s long awaited The Man Who Killed Don Quixote.

In an interview with The Playlist to promote the upcoming Criterion release of The Fisher King, the director stated that we would see the Man of La Mancha tilt at windmills online. Gilliam had the following to say about partnering up with the online retail giant:

Amazon and the like are interesting because they are all still in their formative stages. They’re not a bureaucracy that has been around for years like the studio system, and so they’re full of people that are open to new and fresh ideas. So it’s a good time to be working with people like that.

Other than the news that Jack O’Connell and John Hurt were still set to star, no other casting news was forthcoming.

The eccentric filmmaker also alluded to future projects with Amazon:

I’ve got a couple other things I’m playing with. A couple of old scripts that have been wallowing within the studio system; we’ve got them out, so we’re going to stretch them out. So what was going to become a two and a half hour movie will now become a six-eight part TV series.

One of the projects Gilliam is referencing is The Defective Detective from writer (and The Fisher King partner) Richard LaGravenese. With Terry Gilliam long having talked about wanting to expand from film to miniseries with this material, it sounds like his deal with Amazon came at just the right time.

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