Michelle MacLaren Met With Lucasfilm About Taking Over the Second Star Wars Anthology Film

Star Wars Anthology

by: S. Scott Stanikmas

Meetings happen in Hollywood all the time. Just because a studio meets with a director, it doesn’t mean anything. But sometimes when two parties meet it gets the rumor mills grinding.

The Wrap recently reported that Lucasfilm met with Michelle MacLaren in regards to taking over for Josh Trank on the second Star Wars Anthology film.

Keep in mind that this was squeezed into a podcast and not reported as an actual news item. If MacLaren were actually in talks to direct it would have been reported as an actual news story.

This is still amazing news. MacLaren was originally tapped to direct Wonder Woman until she ran into creative differences with Warner Bros over the direction the film should take. Even though she doesn’t have any real experience with big budget studio films, the fact that WB wanted her for a huge project means they must’ve seen something in her. Maybe the folks at Lucasfilm wanted to see if they could see the same things.

With so many independent directors and TV directors getting the nod for big studio films, this could be just the big break MacLaren needs. Even being considered for a film that names like Jon Favreau and Matthew Vaughn have been rumored for is a huge check mark in her favor.

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