Seriously, Who the $#&@ is Going to be Next Spider-Man?!?

Spidey Thwip

by: S. Scott Stanikmas

All right, I’ve just about had it. Can Marvel Studios and Sony please pick an actor to play Spider-Man! This is getting as ridiculous as the search for an Ant-Man director and the search for an actor to play Doctor Strange.

Early word about a month back was that Asa Butterfield was the front runner and the job was all but his. News coming out now says that Butterfield is pretty much out of the running.

As to who will play him now, the list is down to a few actors. The Wrap says that Sony and Marvel Studios each have their eye on one particular actor with a third wild card still in the mix.

Sony apparently wants Tom Holland while Marvel wants Charlie Plummer. Both studios still haven’t ruled out Matthew Lintz either.

Other rumors state that Charlie Rowe is still being floated around as an option.

At this point, if a decision isn’t made soon we won’t see Peter Parker at all in Captain America: Civil War. We’ll probably still get to see Spider-Man, but he won’t unmask. Or talk. Or do anything remotely interesting. In all seriousness they will probably use the character and ADR whoever is cast in post-production.

Hopefully they pick an actor by the time the solo Spider-Man film comes out.

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