Aaron Paul Finds his way Back to TV With ‘The Way’


Aaron Paul 1

by: S. Scott Stanikmas

Aaron Paul could pretty much punch his own ticket after Breaking Bad ended. The actor had his choice of projects, but he ended up taking a bit of a dip in clunkers like Need for Speed and Exodus: Gods and Kings. But he’s looking to turn his fortunes around. He’s got a couple of different movies waiting for release. But he also just signed up for a new limited series on Hulu.

The Way is an original ten-part series set to debut on the streaming network and it will star Paul and actress Michelle Monaghan as a married couple, Deadline reports.

The show will focus on a family “at the center of a controversial movement struggling with relationships, marriage and power, with each episode taking an in-depth look at what it means to choose between the life we live and the life we want.” Paul’s character is described as suffering “a crisis of faith when all that he’s come to accept as truth in his life is fundamentally challenged.”

These are extremely vague descriptions, but the show doesn’t debut until the winter season, so you have to figure Hulu is holding something back because they don’t want to give away the whole thing before it’s time.

I enjoy Aaron Paul’s work. Jesse Pinkman’s character development throughout the five seasons of Breaking Bad was truly magical. Hopefully this is just a slight detour on his road to bigger fame as a leading man in feature films.

The Way starts filming this summer.

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