New Actors Added to Paul Feig’s Ghostbusters as Well as Proton Pack Specs for Replica Prop Builders!

ghostbusters 1

by: S. Scott Stanikmas

The Ghostbusters shoot has been going strong in Boston, with Paul Feig at the helm. The quartet of female paranormal experts have been keeping out of sight of the cameras when they happen to be suited up, but that doesn’t stop news from making its way off the set.

The Wrap is reporting that a trio of actors have signed on for Feig’s film.

Michael K. Williams, whom many of us will recognize from The Wire, Boardwalk Empire or many of his bit roles like in Gone Baby Gone, has joined the cast as a character named Hawkins. Meanwhile comedian Matt Walsh (Veep) is in line to play someone named Hawkins.

But the big deal is Andy Garcia. Who else could play the mayor of New York City but Andy Garcia? That is a perfect choice to me.

And NY1 morning anchor Pat Kiernan will play – surprise, surprise – a news anchor.

Feig also tweeted out specs of his new proton packs for people who might be building their own replica props. It’s a smart move, embracing this section of the Ghostbusters fan base is important.

You might think that people are jumping the gun as the film is still a year away but this is how the replica prop community works. People were quietly assembling replicas of The Force Awakens stormtroopers last summer as the first pics hit. I like that Feig responded to the requests for more information so quickly. Classy move even though I don’t like the pack very much.

The new Ghostbusters film is set to hit theaters July 22, 2016.

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