IR Film Review: Adam Takes a Wild Ride With Despicable Me’s ‘Minions’


by: Adam Glass

There is no denying that the Minions were the best part of both Despicable Me films, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that they now have their own movie.  When it was announced back in 2012 that these lovable evil underlings would have a showcase all to themselves I was a bit skeptical. Why? What purpose could this serve? Was it a money grab? Surely after the so-so reviews of DM 2 what good could come of it? I was never a big fan of the previous films so I was very hesitant going into this one. I figured it would be more of the same. Let’s just say I was pleasantly surprised.

First off, “Minions” is a prequel, so no previous knowledge of the franchise is required. Geoffrey Rush narrates the beginning of the film in case anyone gets confused as to why these little yellow pills are running around. The film starts showing the evolving Minions during the opening credits and how they live to serve the most evil beings on the planet, which to say doesn’t always work out well for the evil beings.

The film centers around three main Minions named Kevin, Stuart and Bob who have finally set out from their ice cave and the other Minions to search the world for the next big bad guy to serve. Set against the backdrop of the late 1960’s, they travel to New York for some hijinks and find out about Villian-Con (Yup…. A convention made for villians) taking place in Orlando. After a wild road trip with an evil family who give them a ride to Orlando, they meet their new boss Scarlet Overkill (Sandra Bullock) and her inventor husband Herb voiced brilliantly by Jon Hamm.  After taking the Minions back to her lair in London she unleashes her plan for her Minions to steal a royal crown kept in a vault area under the Tower of London with help from Herb’s inventions.

Needless to say there are a ton of sight gags and enough slight adult humor in the 90 minutes and the plot runs pretty smooth and effortlessly.  Another great part of the film is that it incorporates slew of late 60’s British music hits and it actually helps you feel you are in this time period.

All in all it’s an amusing time for kids and their parents. Let’s just hope that when Despicable Me 3 opens in 2017 the producers can make it just as fun as this film. It definitely sets a higher standard for the series.

Grade: B

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