Some New Looks at Kirsten Dunst, Jesse Plemons and Ted Dansen and More in ‘Fargo: Season 2’

Fargo Logo

by: Jay Carlson

Below You’ll find some new looks at the second season of FX’s surprise hit Fargo. The first season managed to exceed expectations by providing a worthy follow-up to the world the Coen Brothers created with their academy award winning 1996 film.

The first season managed to have the element of surprise on it’s side, will the second season be able to live up to the anticipation? I can’t wait to find out.

The second season takes place nearly a generation before the first in 1979. In his role, on the presidential campaign trail, Reagan (Bruce Campbell) will make his way through the town of Fargo, having interactions with various characters along the way. The main story of the season itself involves a crime that was alluded to by Keith Carradine’s Lou Solverson in the first season. The action will not only take place in the titular town, but also in Sioux Falls, South Dakota and Luverne, Minnesota.


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