Disney Moving Forward With Live-Action ‘Aladdin’ Prequel Film ‘Genies’


by: S. Scott Stanikmas

Disney is an equal opportunity studio. You don’t have to have starred in your own animated film to get a blockbuster live-action flick; as long as you’ve got an interesting story to tell, the House of Mouse may give you a shot.

That’s the case with their next film that was announced today. Currently at the scripting stage, a live-action Aladdin prequel, Genies, has been reported by The Hollywood Reporter.

The story will take place in the land of the genies and tell the story of how the big, blue guy that helps out Aladdin and jasmine gets phenomenal cosmic powers…and an itty-bitty living space. If all goes well (which I have no doubt that it will) this will lead into a live-action Aladdin feature film.

Damian Shannon and Mark Swift are the men behind the pen for this film. The duo is primarily known for their work on horror flicks like Freddy Vs Jason and Friday The 13th. The duo has been branching out, with upcoming comedies O’Lucky Day and a Baywatch adaptation.

No word on who the studio wants to direct or star has been floated, but it’s early in the process yet.

Disney has put quite the emphasis on mining their vault for animated features that they can re-tell for a new generation. And the fringe characters are reaping the rewards, too. Prince Charming has an upcoming film in the works and Maleficent was a gigantic success for the studio last year.

With a full slate that includes upcoming films like Beauty and the Beast, Mulan, The Jungle Book and so many others, it’s likely that this film will be a while in the making.

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