Fincher and Flynn’s ‘Strangers on a Train’ Remake Possibly Delayed

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

by: S. Scott Stanikmas

Don’t expect the remake of the Alfred Hitchcock thriller Strangers on a Train to pull out of the station for quite some time.

The project, which was to be a huge Gone Girl reunion of sorts, seems to have hit some snags. The remake was set to have Gillian Flynn write the script, David Fincher direct it and Ben Affleck star in it. But according to Flynn, commitment issues may hamper the future of the film.

The original film focused on two men having a hypothetical conversation about murdering each other’s respective spouses while travelling on a train. But soon hypotheticals turn real and things get very dark from there on out.

In talking to Vulture at the American premiere for Dark Places, the latest adaptation to one of her books, Flynn had the following update:

We’re all so overcommitted right now that we’ll see on that one.

That seems to be an understatement. Flynn and Fincher are currently working on their HBO action-thriller Utopia. The series is about a group of people who get chased by a shadowy part of the government when they find a graphic novel that may foretell bad things in the future. The American adaptation of the hit BBC show is currently in the casting process and may eat up a big chunk of the duo’s time as all episodes are being written by Flynn and directed by Fincher.

Flynn is also set to write Widows for director Steve McQueen. The film follows a group of mob widows who team up to finish their dead husbands’ last job.

Ben Affleck is also currently a little busy being The Dark Knight for Warner Bros and their DC Cinematic Universe. He has  a slew of cameo appearances to do as Batman as well as a possible solo film and the two Justice League films in his future. Plus he’s got his own film, Live by Night, that he’ll be directing and starring in when he’s not donning the cape and cowl.

All this just seems to be a case of bad timing. Hopefully this isn’t kept on the backburner for too long.

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