Do we Want to See Tyrese as Green Lantern?

Tyrese Green Lantern

by: S. Scott Stanikmas

After working himself into two major film franchises of the new century (Transformers and Fast and Furious), it looks like Tyrese Gibson is trying to make his presence felt in another cinematic universe.

The actor and Grammy-winner recently made headlines when he said that he was coming to San Diego Comic-Con with news about Green Lantern. Well, SDCC came and went with nary a tweet about Tyrese getting a power ring.

Well, the actor may have jumped the gun. In talking to Collider about promoting the Furious 7 home release in Abu Dhabi, he talked about how he got aboard the GL train:

Well I was innocent from the beginning. I was at home eating a bowl of Lucky Charms in my drawers, my ugly feet were out, and I got about six direct messages on Instagram with photos of me as the Green Lantern. This particular fan who did this fan art said that there was a community of people that had been talking for like a month and a half about who they think would be the best Green Lantern and they all picked me. I said to them, “I took the oath, and I am going to commit myself to this process of seeing what’s possible.”

So really it was just Tyrese hoping that if he met up with people, something might come out of it.

There were already rumblings that Warner Bros wanted Chris Pine as their Green Lantern. But then the studio went ahead and said that we’d be getting a film about the Green Lantern Corps., which now all of a sudden puts Tyrese back in play. Tack onto that the fact that the big man is now saying that he’s met with WB reps and all of a sudden, it looks like we may have our John Stewart:

I’ve already had a couple of meetings at Warner Bros., so we’ll see what happens. I do believe that there needs to be more black superheroes out there, but that’s not even my motivation. I think I would be the best Green Lantern and based on my fans and supporters that spent around $6 billion in box office receipts, I feel like there’s a fanbase of fans out there waiting to see me put on this green suit and do my thing. So I would love to confirm something today but I can’t. We’ll just keep following up.

Now, Gibson might be overstating his value. Sure he’s funny and everything, but is he really the reason fans were lining up to see movies about fast cars or fighting robots? I’m gonna say probably not. He’s a decent addition to the offerings, but hardly the main draw.

Another thing that taints me on him is that if he is in the running for GL John Stewart, he doesn’t fit the mold. John Stewart, being a former military man, is very rigid and would be the perfect straight man to lighthearted Hal Jordan. If they wanted to make a completely new character and give that to Tyrese, I don’t know how the fans would react, given that there are four major GLs from sector 2814 (Jordan, Stewart, Kyle Rayner and Guy Gardner) and all of them have their fanbases.

Whatever the case may be, Warner Bros has time before they need to commit to anything. The Green Lantern film won’t hit theaters until 2020 and we won’t get our first glimpse of any ring-slingers until the first Justice League movie in 2017.

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