Will ‘Suicide Squad’ Show us the Origin of The Joker?

Suicide Squad

by: S. Scott Stanikmas

Wow, David Ayer must be getting pissed.

First he flips out when the Suicide Squad trailer gets leaked. Now one of the biggest set pieces for his film was most likely (unintentionally) spoiled by people working on the set.

So it would seem the Squad will take a trip to Ace Chemicals. Could this mean that we get to see the origin of the Joker? The plant was where the man who would be the Clown Prince of Crime was thrown into a vat of toxic chemicals, turning him into the psychopath that would terrorize Gotham for years.

Then again, we could be seeing the present day and this is where the Joker has a secret lair that he brings his victims to when he wants to torture them. If the Squad is on the lookout for the Joker, it would make sense that Harley Quinn would lead them to the one place she knows her puddin’ would be.

These photos were posted to Instagram, then almost immediately taken down. But in this day and age, once something is out there it’s there forever.

Either way, I like the set pieces. I just don’t know if I’d like to see a Joker origin story. Like a lot of people, I think he works best as the one joke that has no real punchline.

4 thoughts on “Will ‘Suicide Squad’ Show us the Origin of The Joker?

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