Zac Efron to hit the Beach With Dwayne Johnson in ‘Baywatch’!


by: S. Scott Stanikmas

Not too long ago the news came out that a Baywatch film in the style of the Jump Street franchise was on its way with Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson as its lead. Now there’s word that Zac Efron may be joining him for a slow-motion run on the beach.

The Hollywood Reporter says that the Neighbors actor is in talks to join the action-comedy. Efron would play a young, rule-breaking hothead to The Rock’s by-the-book lifeguard. The two would have to team up to stop an oil tycoon from destroying their beach.

I would say that Zac Efron brings some much needed sex appeal to the film, but Dwayne Johnson is no slouch in the beefcake department himself, and they both have great comedic timing. Johnson playing straight-man to Efron would be hilarious.

The two actors have their own unique fanbases, so this film should bring people to the theater just on their names alone. But when you tie in the name value that Baywatch brings, you have what could be a huge box office sleeper hit, much like 21 Jump Street was.

Production is looking to get started sometime in early 2016 with Horrible Bosses director Seth Gordon behind the camera.

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