First Look at Black Panther in ‘Captain America: Civil War’!

Black Panther

by: S. Scott Stanikmas

Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige has been evasive when asked about whether or not Black Panther would show up in full costume in Captain America: Civil War. We’ve known that T’Challa would be in the film but it wasn’t certain whether he would be wearing the cat costume.

Photographer Meyer Photo has answered that question for us (Coming Soon has some others as well). In a recent Instagram post, we see not only Black Panther in costume, but he’s skulking along a rooftop with the Winter Solider, Bucky Barnes:

The costume falls in line with the artwork by Ryan Meirnerding that debuted back in October when Marvel Studios first announced the Black Panther solo film for Phase Three.

I like the outfit. It’s sleek and practical, like a bodysuit that would be used more for combat than recreation. The mask reminds me of the cowl from Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy. Maybe BP has someone running ops for him and he’s being fed intel as he runs around.

The search for a director is still ongoing. Ava Duvernay was originally offered the film but had to turn it down due to the fact that her artistic vision would most likely not be fully rendered in the final product, and I prefer that. I’d rather a director not even take a project that they don’t feel one hundred percent about, rather than half-ass something for the sake of a paycheck.

Captain America: Civil War fights its way into theaters May 6, 2016, while Black Panther is slated for July 6, 2018 – right in the heart of Summer Blockbuster Season!

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