Evangeline Lily Ready to Suit up as The Wasp!

Evangeline Lilly

by: S. Scott Stanikmas

One of my favorite parts of Ant-Man was how Hope Van Dyne eventually came to the realization that her father Hank Pym didn’t pick her to be Ant-Man because he cares too much for her to lose her like he did his wife, Janet Van Dyne. It was predictable but touching. And it was also great to see Pym show his daughter the prototype suit that he and his wife were working on for her before her mom got lost in the quantum realm.

This was an excellent moment for female superhero fans, as Marvel Studios shows that they are ready to add another strong female superhero to the cinematic ranks.

During a recent Facebook Q&A, Evangeline Lily (the actress behind Hope Van Dyne) was asked about when we would see the Wasp in the MCU and if there was any progress on getting an official suit. Lily was more than happy to answer the fans’ questions.

In regards to the suit, Lily said she was already scanned for the suit but hadn’t had the chance to try it on, as she became pregnant before it was ready. When asked whether or not she’d show up later she said she hopes Marvel will include her in future projects and to keep asking the studio to include her.

Lily also said that her dream fight would probably be against The Hulk. She said that Wasp would more than likely roll her eyes at the Jade Giant’s temper tantrum and fly circles around him, wearing him out like a boxer would with the rope-a-dope method.

Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige said that there were plans to include Wasp in Captain America: Civil War, but with that film already being packed so full of talent, they felt it would be a disservice to just throw her in there for the hell of it.

There are plans to include Wasp in Phase Three before it reaches its end. Most likely we’ll see her in the Avengers: Infinity War films, but she could show up sooner. We’ll just have to keep our eyes peeled to see if she shows up on any future casting calls for any other Marvel Studios projects.

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