Ridley Scott Sticks to Sci-Fi With his Next Film


by: S. Scott Stanikmas

Director Ridley Scott has had a lot put on his plate recently. From sequels for the Alien and Prometheus franchises to the drug-running drama The Cartel to being a producer on Blade Runner 2, it’s a wonder the man has time to sleep, but he has narrowed down which of these projects will recieve his attention next.

And after weeks of speculation it can now be confirmed – Scott will be moving forward with Prometheus 2.

In an interview with Empire regarding the upcoming film The Martian, star Matt Damon was asked if the release date change affected the filmmaker. Damon said “Ridley was done with the movie about two weeks after we shot!” Scott, who was in the room as well responded with “I was already on to my next movie! I was starting to look for locations for my next movie, which is Prometheus 2.”

So now we know that Prometheus 2 will be moving forward, with a rumored January 2016 start date. And since Ridley wants Prometheus to move forward before the fifth Alien film (which is set to be directed by sci-fi wunderkind Neill Blomkamp), we’ll have to wait a little while longer for the saga of Ellen Ripley to be continued.

Not everyone liked Prometheus. I think it got a bad rap because everyone expected it to give us all the answers to the Alien questions we’d been holding for all these years. As its own film, I enjoyed it. I’m actually looking forward to seeing if we get to see the home world of the alien beings that came to Earth and created life.

No official timeline was released by FOX as to what will happen when, so for now we’ll keep our eyes open for the official announcements.

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