Bryan Cranston Unrecognizable as LBJ in Upcoming Biopic


by: S. Scott Stanikmas

In 2014, Bryan Cranston wore heavy makeup in his Tony-award winning run as President Lyndon B. Johnson in the stage play All The Way. But as we all know, TV and film can give it just a little bit more than your everyday stage production. And the new shot from People Magazine shows us just how good a job HBO’s makeup department can do for their upcoming adaptation of the play for their network.

That is un-freakin-real! The real LBJ is on the right and Cranston is on the left, but if you didn’t tell someone who was under that makeup I don’t think anyone would guess it was Walter White himself.

Director Jay Roach talked to People about just how much emotion and passion Cranston brings to the proceedings:

Physically and emotionally Bryan completely channels LBJ. We just filmed him and Lady Bird in the Oval Office, after JFK’s assassination. LBJ has arrived as the ‘accidental President.’ He’s almost overwhelmed. In spiritual support, Lady Bird touches his cheek. We melted, like we went back in time and witnessed a private, heart-wrenching moment between these two great people.

The biopic, which is still filming, doesn’t have a premiere date yet, but it does have a stellar cast. Alongside Cranston there’s Melissa Leo as his wife Lady Bird Johnson, Anthony Mackie as civil rights leader Martin Luther King, Jr., Stephen Root as J. Edgar Hoover and many more.

All The Way, which was adapted for the screen by Robert Schenkkan, will look at Johnson’s first year in office. From his appointment after the assassination of JFK to the escalation of the Vietnam War to the start of the Civil Rights movement this film will give a behind-the-scenes look at what it was to be Lyndon B. Johnson.

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