Will ‘Arrow’ Get a Visit From a Certain Friend From Coast City?


by: S. Scott Stanikmas

The CW’s shows have no problems dropping hints at other DC properties, but one of the most referenced has to be Green Lantern. From the constant name dropping of Ferris Air and Coast City to the reports of a missing pilot (Hal Jordan?), it would seem like Arrow and Flash are prepping us for an appearance from Green Lantern himself.

It would make sense if he showed up on either show. GL and Flash were collectively known as The Brave and the Bold while the GA/GL team that rode the highways in the pages of the comics in the 70s was known as the Hard Traveling Heroes.

But just the other day Arrow executive producer Marc Guggenheim released the following artwork online:


How do we not get a Green Lantern appearance now? For crying out loud it even has the oath right in the slogan!

But Guggenheim did talk to The Hollywood Reporter and he didn’t sound too positive that we’d get to see a Green Team-Up this season:

They announced the Green Lantern Corps movie, and I’d be surprised if it didn’t include Hal Jordan. It would be great [to see him on Arrow], but I doubt it very much.

Even if we don’t see GL, this season of Arrow is said to start the expanding of the small screen universe. Already signed on for a guest spot is Matt Ryan, reprising his role as Constantine from the canceled NBC show of the same name.

But this could be misdirection as well. Just because a character is on the silver screen doesn’t mean we can’t see him elsewhere. Warner Bros is developing a Flash movie independent of the hit TV show.

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