Rumor: Warner Execs Want More Batman, Less Superman in ‘Dawn of Justice’


by: S. Scott Stanikmas

It’s no secret that Batman is probably a more popular character than Superman. He has a more interesting rouges gallery. He has fun gadgets. And if you had enough cash and training you could actually BE Batman. You can’t be an orphaned alien that shoots lasers from his eyes, no matter how bad you want it.

So that’s why it makes sense that Warner Bros is looking to cram as much Batman into the upcoming Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice as they can. Heroic Hollywood is saying that the higher ups are going so far as to say they want they film tweaked a bit to add more Dark Knight and less Man Of Steel.

I find this to be a little on the farfetched side at the moment. Sure films have been known to go under overhauls to the general story, but this seems a little too late in the game. How much tweaking can be done before the general vibe of the film is nothing like what we saw in the trailers?

This does have some merit to it though. This comes at a time when Man of Steel 2 has been rumored to be on “permanent hold” even though Mad Max: Fury Road director George Miller is being eyed to helm it. Not to mention that Warner is looking to add a new Batman trilogy into their DC cinematic universe.

I get that Superman on the silver screen is a tougher sell than Batman, but you can’t have Batman V Superman without Superman. And he can’t just be relegated to a supporting character or you’ve got a Batman movie with a Superman cameo.

I’m hoping this is just a rumor and that the film stays an equal venture between DC’s two top heroes. At least give the Big Blue Boy Scout a shot at redemption before relegating him to cameo status.

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