Warner Bros Eyeing Eva Green and Sean Bean for ‘Wonder Woman’

Eva Green

by: S. Scott Stanikmas

When it comes to comic book movies, a hero is only as good as their villain. And right now we don’t know exactly who Wonder Woman will be facing when she makes her solo big screen debut. We know that Gal Gadot will portray the Amazon warrior and Chris Pine will be by her side as Steve Trevor, but we don’t know who they’ll be going up against.

Heroic Hollywood is saying that Warner Bros has their eyes on some actors to take over some mythic villain roles.

The news outlet says that WB wants Sean Bean and Eva Green to come aboard the project and oppose Themyscira’s favorite daughter.

Green is being sought after to play the witch Circe while Bean would don the armor of Ares, God of War. Both would Game-Of-Thrones-sean-bean-30991109-1024-768be amazing choices and bring a real flair to the roles. How they would fit into the rumored World War I setting and plot would be a bit of storytelling magic, but stranger things have happened in movies.

The thing is, WB is only said to “want” the actors, meaning that we don’t even know if attempts have been made to see if Green and Bean would even consider being in the film.

With a November shoot start rapidly approaching, I’d expect to hear something a little more concrete very soon. Hopefully this will be another stop on Bean’s redemption tour, along with the upcoming The Martian, as he was in two huge bombs this year (Jupiter Ascending and Pixels).

Wonder Woman is slated to hit theaters and add another chapter to the DC Cinematic Universe on June 23, 2017.

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