Walter Hill Lines up Sex Reassignment Action Film

CROSSROADS, director Walter Hill, 1986, ©Columbia /

by: Marcus Rivera

One thing I’ve always loved about film festivals is that we get to see films that are so socially diverse, they make you think outside the box and by the sounds of it The Solution Entertainment group may have such a film at this year’s TIFF. TSE is currently shopping their latest assassin flick, Tomboy, to buyers and to say this isn’t your typical assassin flick is quite the understatement.

Walter Hill, action movie director extraordinaire, is attached to direct the film from his own script co-written with Denis Hamill which focuses on a top hitman who sets out for revenge when he is betrayed and captured by “The Doctor” who subsequently gives him a sex change. The Hollywood Reporter is reporting that actress Sigourney Weaver (Avatar, Aliens) is currently in talks for the role of “The Doctor” with Slumdog Millionaire & Immortals co-star, award-winning actress Freida Pinto up for the role of Johnnie, the nurse who helps our hero-turned-heroine.

The lead role is currently up for grabs now that actress Andrea Riseborough, once in the running is now out due to scheduling conflicts.

Hill is best known for classics like The Warriors, Red Heat, Undisputed and both 48 Hours films. He last directed the 2012 thriller, Bullet To The Head with Sylvester Stallone and Sung Kang (which a small part of me loved, if only for Jason Momoa). Weaver is currently expected to reappear in James Cameron’s sequels to Avatar and an upcoming Alien follow-up reuniting with Chappie helmer Neill Blomkamp. Hopefully she will be able to fit this in as it sounds like a role she’d really sink her teeth into. Who would you like to see as the lead in “Tomboy” sound off and let us know!

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