UPDATED! Will the Star Wars Saga hit Theaters Again Before Someone Awakens the Force?


Star Wars Saga


UPDATE: A represenative from Disney has reached out and asked us to update our story to clarify that Netflix has responded that there are no current plans to stream the Star Wars films at this time.


by: S. Scott Stanikmas

It’s every Star Wars fan’s dream to experience the saga in theaters. Even if you grew up with it from the start, nothing beats going to the local multiplex and seeing it on the big screen.

AMC might be looking to make that dream come true for you for the first time or all over again.

AMC Star Wars Tweet

The theater chain sent out the tweet above that was promptly deleted that references seeing the entire saga in theaters before The Force Awakens hits right before Christmas. Theaters do make these premature gaffs early, you’ll recall Regal accidently released information about the Force Awakens teaser trailer early back in November.

If you try and follow the link from the tweet it brings you to a Star Wars themed error page. While that may seem a bit fishy, an AMC executive sent out word that the Obi-Wan Error Page has been in use for years and that the image in the tweet was an elaborate photoshop job. It still seems a bit odd that they wouldn’t use a generic page, knowing what kind of hornets nest would get kicked up by them using a SW themed one.

So while that dream may be shot down for now another speculative one rises from the ashes to take its place. Exstreamist reports that Netflix has holder pages for all six currently released episodes of the Star Wars saga.

Now this could be nothing, Netflix could have placeholder pages for any number of films in the event that they get the rights to stream them. However, there were rumors that the streaming service provider was working on three live-action Star Wars shows to exclusively distribute. Could this be the evidence that Netflix is working closely with Lucasfilm and that they may be close to securing the rights to stream Star Wars? It’s entirely possible considering their established relationship with Disney.

For now these are unconfirmed, so we’ll file them under “MAYBE.” But with advance ticket sales for Star Wars: The Force Awakens rumored to be starting in less than a month, we could get confirmation on any of these rumors sooner than we think.

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