Liam Neeson to Take on Criminals as ‘The Commuter’

Liam Neeson

by: S. Scott Stanikmas

Liam Neeson’s resume recently looks like a good afternoon of flicks on cable TV. Popcorn action films have become his forte and his newest rumored project sounds like more of the same.

Deadline has the news that Neeson is slated to star in The Commuter, which has a plot every bit as generic as the name of the film:

In The Commuter, which will shoot in New York in the spring, Neeson will play a businessman on his daily commute home who unwittingly gets caught up in a criminal conspiracy.

The paint-by-numbers action film has been Neeson’s specialty lately, but his upcoming slate is as diverse as we’ve seen from him in years.

First he’s got the 17th century Japanese period piece Silence from the legendary Martin Scorcese. Then he’s got the Korean War film Operation Chromite. And he is also lending his voice to the Young Adult novel adaptation A Monster Calls.

Still, he’s also attached to just as many action films where he plays a man with skills who needs to kill his way through a whole bunch of bad guys that need killing. Either way I love watching his work onscreen. Even though the majority of his films aren’t Oscar contenders anymore, at least they manage to be entertaining.

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