HBO and Zack Snyder in Talks for ‘Watchmen’ TV Series


by: S. Scott Stanikmas

Now that work on Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice is winding down, director Zack Snyder is turning his attention to yet another DC Comics property. But this project won’t be headed to the local multiplex. Instead you’ll be able to tune in week after week to catch his newest idea.

Collider is reporting that the filmmaker and HBO are in talks to reunite Snyder with Watchmen for a series on the small screen.

Snyder originally tackled the Alan Moore / Dave Gibbons maxi-series in his 2009 movie, and it divided fans. It was either too slavish to the source material or he changed too much. Not to mention it was technically a flop, netting $185M worldwide on a $130M budget.

A lot of people gave him credit for making a film many thought was unfilmable and that had been through a myriad of treatments over the years. But in the end it, whether it was the theatrical cut, director’s cut or ultimate cut with every little bit edited back in, fans tend to still look back and shudder.

But this could be a second chance to make a first impression. While this is just in the talking stage, it could take so many routes. They could do a faithful adaptation of the twelve issues, including all the supplemental material found at the end of each issue. They could reimagine it for a new generation and update the material.

Or they could go the prequel route. All sorts of new material has come out in the form of the Before Watchmen books that DC Comics released a few years ago.

As I stated earlier, this is still VERY early in the process. It could conceivably never get further than it is right now, but with HBO in need of something to air when Game of Thrones ends, this could stay on the company’s radar.

As a fan of the film (and all its various versions that are out there to watch), I’d love to see a TV series that covers the prequel material as well as the original series. You could easily do three or four seasons of Watchmen related stuff and I’d most likely watch every second of it.

Keep checking back as we’ll give updates as they become available!

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