Details on AMC’s ‘Back to the Future’ Marathon

Back to the Future

by: S. Scott Stanikmas

So we are less than three weeks away from AMC Theaters and their Back To The Future marathon. The theater chain will play all three films in the trilogy on October 21 (the day that Doc and Marty went back in time in the second film) and the details are now out as to the showtimes and pricing.

As was already stated, the films will all play on Wednesday, October 21 (dubbed Back to the Future Day) and the showtimes are as follows:

  • Back To The Future at 4:29PM
  • Back To The Future Part II at 7:00PM
  • Back To The Future Part III at 9:30PM

It’s the little things that really stand out. Like how AMC is starting number one at the exact time that The DeLorean goes to the future in Part II.

AMC will be selling tickets individually, which means you can see all three or you can just see the first one to celebrate the 30th anniversary if you wanted. Why you wouldn’t WANT to see all three is beyond me though.

And in case you were worried about post-matinee prices, fear not. AMC has said that they will charge pre-noon prices for all three films. This could vary from area to area, so check your local theater for participation and pricing.

Along with the big Blu-ray re-release of the three films and the DVD release of the animated series, this is a great time to be a BTTF fan!

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