Seth Grahame-Smith in Talks to Direct ‘The Flash’


by: S. Scott Stanikmas

Not to be outdone by Marvel Studios hiring Takia Waititi for Thor: Ragnarok, Warner Bros is courting an interesting name to helm one of their superhero films.

The Hollywood Reporter is saying that Seth Grahame-Smith is in line to write and direct The Flash for Warner Bros DC Cinematic Universe. Grahame-Smith will be working on a treatment from Phil Lord and Chris Miller, who were originally in line to do the same until they were lured away to work on an upcoming Star Wars project for Disney.

This will be Seth Grahame-Smith’s feature film directorial debut. His only other experience behind the camera is a few episodes of MTV’s The Hard Times Of R.J. Berger.

But he’s no stranger to writing. He started out as an author, penning such hits as the mash-up masterpiece Pride and Prejudice and Zombies and Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter. He’s also written screenplays for films like Dark Shadows, the adaptation of Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter and the upcoming LEGO Batman.

I’m all for Grahame-Smith writing and directing this. With all the grim and gritty that looks to be in the cards for the DC Cinematic Universe, The Flash needs to be lighthearted. He needs to be the comic relief to break the mood and keep everyone from going crazy. The versions from the CW show and the animated Justice League cartoons would be good templates.

I’m still not crazy about Ezra Miller as The Flash though. I’ve never liked him as an actor and I’ve grown really fond of Grant Gustin’s Barry Allen on the CW TV show.

The Flash races into theaters March 3, 2018, but Miller will have a couple of chances to impress me before then. He’s expected to debut in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice in early 2016 and then have a major role in the first of two Justice League movies which is penciled for 2017.

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