UPDATED! New Star Wars Trailer Coming & Disney’s Logo Will be Absent From Film’s Opening

Star Wars TFA 2

by: Jay Carlson – Editor-in-Chief

UPDATE 10/15

IO9 has some new info about how things are set to roll for Star Wars this Weekend. Of course none of this info has been confirmed by Disney/Lucasfilm, so take it for what it’s worth but I have no doubt Germain’s info is legit…

  • A new poster will be released sometime on Sunday 10/18
  • The trailer will premiere around 8PM  EST on Monday 10/19
  • Tickets will go on sale sometime soon after the trailer goes live, probably about 8:30PM EST


Big news first, the third and final Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer looks to be coming VERY soon. How soon? Our friends over at Making Star Wars and Screen Crush are reporting  that we can expect a trailer Monday 10/19, possibly during Monday Night Football. MSW is also reporting that a new Force Awakens logo will be revealed in the trailer as well.

I’m also hearing there’s a possibility that we might finally get our first official look at Luke. Not just that, but we could be seeing LUKE IN ACTION. Maybe it’s in there, maybe it’s not, but I think it would be a hell of a last shot to our final sneak peek before the film opens in December…

Speak of logos, Star Wars Junk is reporting that Disney CEO Bob Iger recently let slip that we will NOT be seeing Disney’s iconic fanfare/logo running at the beginning of The Force Awakens when it hits cinema screens. Instead, there will only be the Lucasfilm logo. When asked why they’d be doing this, Iger said it was “for the fans.” It’s a nice touch. They’re letting Lucasfilm and by extension Star Wars, be its own thing. It’s going to be weird enough to see a new Star Wars film on the big screen without the 20th Century Fox logo/fanfare.

It’s getting close. Can you feel it?

UPDATE: It was brought to our attention that information in this story originally ran back on 10/10 on Star Wars News Net!



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