‘Y the Last Man’ in Development for the Small Screen

Y the Last Man

by: S. Scott Stanikmas – Senior Staff Writer

With news this good, I say why ask Y?

It seems FX has put a series based on the popular comic book series Y: The Last Man into development. Series co-creator Brian K. Vaughn  is spearheading the cause for FX and FX Productions along with producers Nina Jacobson and Brad Simpson, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

The original comic book series ran in the early to mid 00s for 60 issues. It detailed the story of Yorick Brown and his capuchin companion Ampersand as they find themselves as the last males on Earth after a virus wipes out everything with a Y chromosome. Along with his bodyguard, the enigmatic Agent 355, the group sets out to find out what caused the wipeout of all the men and why Yorick and Ampersand were spared.

The property was originally optioned by Lionsgate back in 2006 and had directors like D.J. Carsuo and Louis Leterrier attached. But nothing moved forward. Rumor was the studio wanted one film instead of a proposed three picture story. So the studio let the rights languish until they reverted back to Vaughn back in 2014.

Keep in mind this is in no way indicative that the series is a done deal. A writer is being sought first and then the project will move forward from there.

Vaughn wrote the series with artist Pia Guerra handling art chores. This was one of those series I got on board with too late and had to read via trade paperback collections. The wait for the last volume was agonizing but so worth it when the story was finally complete. And I feel like a serialized TV show would be the better route to go other than a one-to-three movie tale. A couple of seasons will let the show breathe and tell the complete story, instead of rushing things just to get movies made.

I’m excited for this and as soon as more info becomes available we’ll let you know right here at Indierevolver.


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