Creepy-Ass Annabelle Gets a Sequel


by: S. Scott Stanikmas – Senior Staff Writer

I hate dolls. My mom still has my My Buddy doll that she trots out every Halloween and the little creep still makes me shit my pants if I’m not expecting him. There’s just something about inanimate objects trying to kill you that unnerves me.

The Child’s Play series started strong but they turned Chucky into the toy version of Freddy Krueger – more quips than scares. But Annabelle looked to supplant the Good Guy as the new killer doll on the block and her huge box office return against such a small budget seems to suggest the movie going public agrees.

So it’s no surprise that a sequel is in the works. First reported by the Tracking Board, original screenwriter Gary Dauberman will return to write the sequel. No director has been named yet but producer James Wan will most likely be keeping his eyes peeled for the best possible talent to helm this project.

Another blank slate is the plot. The first film was an origin taking place in 1969, showing us how the doll became the evil little demon that she is. And her first appearance was in The Conjuring, which took place in 1971. So does the new movie take place somewhere in between? Or does it move into the future and take place in the here and now, with the possessed toy tormenting someone in the present?

Either way, a film like this could get fast tracked easily and put on the slate for next Halloween. It all depends on how badly New Line wants to make this a franchise that they can hang their hats on.

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