Michael J. Fox Shows off the Self-Lacing Nike Mags and More on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

Back to the Future

by: Jay Carlson – Editor-in-Chief

Michael J. Fox, Christopher Llyod and even Huey Lewis were in the house last night for Jimmy Kimmel Live. All appeared in character for a funny little piece during the show that you can check out below:

After that Kimmel spoke with Teen Wolf star Michael J. Fox who showcased how the new self-lacing Nike Mags worked:

We may not have flying cars and tiny dehydrated pizza, but we now live in a time in which we have Pepsi Perfect (I’m still pissed about how terribly this was handled) and self-lacing shoes. If you act quickly you can even grab a copy of the Back to the Future Part II edition of USA Today:


I celebrated Back to the Future day watching the trilogy in my local theater and scrolling past thousands of BTTF posts on my Facebook. How did you spend yours?



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