Michelle Rodriguez to Headline Walter Hill’s Tomboy

Michelle Rodriguez

by: Marcus Rivera

Back in September we reported that Walter Hill (Bullet In The Head, 48 Hours) was set to begin production on his upcoming gender reassignment thriller, Tomboy, which sounded pretty awesome from the info that was provided at TIFF. Now, while Bullet To The Head wasn’t exactly a box office success, it was a decent popcorn action movie and still showed that Hill still knew his way around gritty actions films.

What we didn’t know was who would be cast as the lead but now it seems that we have a hero/heroine. The Hollywood Reporter is now confirming that Michelle Rodriguez (Furious 7, Girlfight) is officially headlining the film. Hill’s script by way of writer Denis Hammil tells the story of a top hitman who sets out for revenge when he is subsequently betrayed and captured by “The Doctor” who gives him a sex change.

I think this film is perfect for Rodriguez. While most will know her from her work on the Fast & Furious and Resident Evil films, this feels like it’s something that could be a possible franchise for Rodriguez as she has both the beauty & ass kicking ability that this role would require. Rodriguez will next be seen in Milton’s Secret, which is scheduled for a 2016 release.

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