Rumor: Does Ben Affleck’s First Batman Film Already Have Sights Set on Villains?


by: S. Scott Stanikmas – Senior Staff Writer

So early word is that Ben Affleck is crushing it as the Dark Knight in the upcoming Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice. He’s doing so well that Warner Bros want him to do a series of solo films as well. And a new rumor floating around says that the studio may have narrowed down the choices for antagonists.

JoBlo says that the upcoming villains for Affleck’s first Batman film will be the Joker AND Red Hood.

Comic book fans know who the Joker is and that in some iterations of his origin he even starts off as the Red Hood. But this won’t be the story of Batman facing off against two versions of the Joker. He’ll be going up against the other Red Hood, the former Robin, Jason Todd.

In the comics Jason Todd dies at the Joker’s hands but eventually gets brought back to life and assumes the mantle of the Red Hood. As Red Hood, Todd runs around framing Batman for crimes all the while leaving clues for Bruce Wayne to decipher. All this leads up to a big three way showdown between Batman, Joker and Red Hood.

From the sounds of it we’ll be getting a double adaptation, as this sounds like WB wants to get A Death In The Family (where Joker kills Robin) and Under The Hood (the return of Todd as Red Hood), the latter of which was turned into an excellent animated film from the studio.

The trailer for BVS showed a Robin suit that was allegedly spraypainted by Joker, leading fans to speculate that a Robin has died in this DC Cinematic Universe. This could now be the confirmation that the Robin that was killed is indeed Jason Todd. This could also mean that we might get to see Dick Grayson, a.k.a. Nightwing on the big screen for the first time ever (as Batman  may need some help to combat both Joker and Red Hood).

This hasn’t been confirmed by any reps at the studio and the first solo Batman film is still a few years out, so we’ll keep our eyes peeled for confirmation on this and report it to you fans as soon as we get it.

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