George Miller Talks ‘Mad Max’ Sequels

Mad Max FR George Miller

by: S. Scott Stanikmas – Senior Staff Writer

It took us thirty years to get another installment in the Mad Max series from creator George Miller, but I’ll be damned if Fury Road wasn’t worth the wait. The Tom Hardy-led sequel was a two hour long car chase that told an incredible story. Once audiences devour it the next thing they have to ask is “When do we get ANOTHER sequel?”

Rumors have been floating for months about what potential sequels could contain. What would it be titled, would Charlize Theron return as Imperator Furiosa, would we get a Mad Max film AND a Furiosa movie…the speculation is running rampant.

We do know that Tom Hardy has been contracted for at least a few more movies and that Miller has been developing the ideas for the next movies steadily (even though he’s also said that his next film might be a smaller scale project). Recently he spoke with Deadline and gave us an idea as to what we can NOT expect the film to be called:

The more I speculate about what’s happening, the more I try to avoid spoilers this far out, and also I find myself talking around in circles. So the best thing I can say is that we’re definitely in discussion about making more of these, but the timing of it, I’m really not sure. Probably won’t be called Wasteland. I can say that. It was just the working title we gave it.

So that’s one rumor down. While Wasteland was a cool title I like that Miller isn’t keeping himself tied down slavishly to one idea.

And for fans hoping for a cameo from the original Mad Max himself, Mel Gibson, Miller said not to expect that and he used a pretty good James Bond analogy to tell us why:

Not in these movies, for a very simple reason. If Mel, who is Max in a lot of people’s memories, appeared in the next movie, it would pull audiences out of the movie for a bit, and we worked so hard to keep people immersed in the movie as much as possible. It would be like, I don’t know, seeing Roger Moore appearing in a Daniel Craig James Bond movie. It would be fun, but it would also pull you out of the experience of the movie.

So there you go fans. Hopefully this whets everyone’s appetites for news for a little bit. The moment anything else is confirmed we’ll report on it here at Indierevolver.

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