IR Exclusive: An Early Version of Supreme Leader Snoke From ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’


by: Jay Carlson – Editor-in-chief

We’re a little more than a month away from the first screenings of The Force Awakens and J.J. has quite a bit that is still packed neatly inside of his Mystery Box. One of the best kept secrets is what exactly Andy Serkis’ big bad, Supreme Leader Snoke, will look like in the final version of the film. The official Star Wars website provided our first look at Serkis decked out in his mo-cap gear and his ominous voice was heard back in that very first teaser trailer.  So that begs the question, what will this character look like when we finally see him on the big screen?

I have no idea.

BUT, I can share with you is a piece of concept art depicting an early look at the character. A look, I’m told from multiple sources, that is probably not what we should expect to see when Serkis’ Supreme Leader pops up in The Force Awakens. Rather, this is most likely one of the ideas conceived early on in the process.

I hesitated in releasing this image, since I’m told that there are wildly different designs out there for this character.  So this image may not even be close to what the final version of the character will look like. But if you’re like me, you enjoy seeing the evolution of these characters and since so little is known about Snoke, it’s a fun piece to speculate about.

Kudos to J.J. and company for keeping so much a mystery. I’m beyond excited to see what he’s cooked up when The Force Awakens opens on December 17th.

What do you think? He’s certainly not Darth Plagueis…


7 thoughts on “IR Exclusive: An Early Version of Supreme Leader Snoke From ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’

    • “He’s certainly not Darth Plagueis…”

      This picture does nothing to confirm that except it does not look like what we know Darth Plagueis to look like. In fact it may make more sense for Darth Plagueis to look like something else as he may have assumed someone else’s body since he can “stop people from dying”.

      If Plagueis’s ability was described correctly he would be able to stop himself from dying even if his body did. This is not outside the realm of possibility for someone who seemed to achieve one of the most powerful understandings of the dark side of the force.

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