Is AMC Looking to Add George Romero’s ‘Empire of the Dead’ to Their Broadcast Schedule?


by: S. Scott Stanikmas – Senior Staff Writer

Zombies have been good to AMC. The Walking Dead, based on the hit Image/Skybound comic book, has been going strong for six seasons with a seventh on the way. They even dove into the waters of original content with the prequel series Fear the Walking Dead, which could have been just a cheesy project but turned out to be good for the six episodes that comprised the first season.

In a head scratching  move, rumor has it that the channel is looking to add even more flesh eaters to its broadcast schedule with an adaptation of the George Romero comic Empire Of The Dead.

While at Wizard World Comic Con Louisville, Suydam (Marvel’s go-to zombie artist and a man who did some variant covers for the series) spoke with WHAS11 (which was picked up by Bleeding Cool) about the possibility of the comic book miniseries getting picked up:

The series that I just finished up for Marvel Comics as a matter of fact, so this is me and George Romero… This just got signed to AMC. This is going to be the new big zombie series on AMC, it’s expected to be this one right here.

For those worried about “zombie overload” and people getting burnt out, this series works a little differently than TWD and FTWD. There are still zombies (and they follow the model that Romero set forth in his Dead series of films) but there are also Vampires. And all of this with humans caught in the middle.

AMC hasn’t officially announced this yet, so don’t consider this a done deal yet. I find it a little perplexing since the casual viewer might be confused that AMC has two zombie shows based in the same universe and another that has no connection. But if it does happen I’d expect this to be the series that fills the gap when the other two The Walking Dead series are in-between seasons.

If you’re interested in reading the source material, Marvel Comics has released the entire 15-issue run in three trade paperback collections, the last of which just released about a week ago. I haven’t managed to move this to the top of the “To Read” pile yet, but with the Godfather of Zombies on writing it might just make a jump to the top.


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