Neill Blomkamp Leaves Alien Franchise Behind to Visit ‘The Gone World’

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by: S. Scott Stanikmas – Senior Staff Writer

When Ridley Scott decided that the Prometheus sequel would continue the Alien franchise he also said that any projects on the books would have to be put on hold. This meant that Neill Blomkamp’s proposed fifth movie in the saga was put on ice. But that doesn’t mean the director is out of work, as FOX has found another film for Blomkamp to do.

Deadline broke the news that Blomkamp would work on their newly acquired property, an adaptation of The Gone World which is the forthcoming novel from author Thomas Sweterlitsch.

Not a lot is known about the book at this time other than it’s described as a “sci-fi time travel procedural.” But if you want an idea as to what kind of work Sweterlitsch puts out, his last book Tomorrow And Tomorrow had reviewers describing him as a mix of old-school noir mystery and new-age sci-fi thrillers.

A film like this is right up Blomkamp’s alley. He lives and breathes high concept science fiction. Word is also circulating that he’s also looking to script which has some folks a bit antsy.

Many have said Blomkamp’s work has progressively gone down in quality with each successive film he’s done. But this is an adaptation of an already existing piece of fiction. It shouldn’t be that hard to adapt someone else’s work and make it filmable.

We’re going to be waiting on this one for a little bit though as neither the book or the film have a set release date at this time.

One thought on “Neill Blomkamp Leaves Alien Franchise Behind to Visit ‘The Gone World’

  1. I agree his work has gone downhill however I think his directing has not. I thought Chappie was sharp and technically was a good movie but the writing was woeful.

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