The First Justice League Film Just got a Little More Regal


By: S. Scott Stanikmas

We all knew that Aquaman, the King of the Seas, was going to be in the first Justice League film but no one knew he’d be bringing company with him.

Heroic Hollywood is saying that Wonder Woman won’t be the only one with the XX chromosome sharing screen time with the big guns as they have sources that tell them Mera, the Queen of Atlantis, will be joing the JL on the big screen.

Nothing is confirmed at this point, as casting lists haven’t been leaked yet, but it would make sense if Mera followed Arthur (Aquaman’s alternate name) to the surface, if not just to see what the surface-dwellers are like.

The report said that she’d be making an appearance so it’s more than likely if that’s the case that we’ll see her debut in the upcoming Aquaman film, also from Warner Bros studios. But will she start as friendly or will she be the proverbial sea urchin that stings Aquaman before they become allies?

We have some ways to go before we find out for sure. For now, keep checking back here as we’ll update the story once we get more information.

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