Matthew McConaughey May Sit Atop ‘The Dark Tower’

Dark Tower

by: S. Scott Stanikmas

Could this be the reason why Matthew McConaughey reportedly turned down a role in the upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2?

The actor is reportedly circling The Dark Tower, the upcoming hopeful franchise for Sony. But there are conflicting reports as to just who McConaughey will be playing.

The Wrap says he’s up for the role of the heroic protagonist Roland Deschain. Meanwhile Variety says that he’ll be portraying the villainous Man in Black, a Stephen King mainstay that has appeared in various other works by the author outside of his Dark Tower series.

The Western-style fantasy is set on an alternate world where magic is the law of the land. Deschain is on the search for the titular tower which is believed to be a nexus to other realities.

Whatever the case may be, reports are saying that McConaughey did meet with director Nikolaj Arcel last week about possibly tackling this as a project. But that’s all it was – meetings about interest. No negotiations have started as of yet.

Sony is hoping to create a multitude of films from King’s books, but first they need to see how the first one does once it hits theaters. If they managed to sign Matthew McConaughey that could go a long way in bringing the fans to the theaters.

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