Latest ‘Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2’ Rumor Debunked by James Gunn


by: S. Scott Stanikmas – Senior Staff Writer

Another day, another Guardians rumor debunked.

Heroic Hollywood recently posted a story revealing who they hear Peter Quill’s father will be in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2. In the first film it was said that he was only half-Terran and that his father must have been an incredibly powerful being. HH had the news that Mar-Vell, the first Captain Marvel, would be revealed as Star-Lord’s dad.

Director James Gunn took to Facebook and debunked that rumor pretty quick, and he also took a shot at people trying to spoil a film that’s still a year and a half away:

All right. From this moment on I’m going to stop commenting on any rumors surrounding Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, because, eventually, someone is going to come up with a spoiler that has some truth to it. That said, the rumors surrounding Quill’s parentage at the present moment are completely false, and aren’t even close to the truth. I don’t know how people come up with this stuff, but it certainly isn’t through legitimate sources. Also, I get the desire to get “scoops” on character inclusion and casting choices, etc. But since when is a plot spoiler a “scoop”? Is this really what fandom wants to know? Plot details in movies ahead of time? I got in this business because I love movies, and I think most film journalists are the same way. And spoiling plot details doesn’t add to the enjoyment of the film-going experience. So bravo to those folks out there who don’t partake in this sort of thing. But, as I said, eventually someone will actually spoil some detail of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. So this will be my last comment squelching a rumor until May 2017. But if you do pick up on some plot detail between now and then, be aware, A) They are likely full of shit, as has been everyone so far who has claimed to have had inside info, and B) We’re creating a film that doesn’t rely on plot twists to be an enjoyable experience. They’re only a very small part of what we’re cooking up for you.

So there you have it folks, straight from the horse’s mouth. Don’t believe everything you hear on the internet (what a shocker!!!).

Another silly rumor swirling around was that Thanos himself sired Quill, but that was also shot down by Gunn. So unless I hear it from Chris Pratt or James Gunn, I’m not buying it.

But I will end with an interesting theory – what if Quill’s dad isn’t the cosmic one? What if his father is just a regular guy and his mom was the one with the phenomenal powers? She did resemble classic Marvel space character Moondragon when she was at her end. What if she loved Quill’s father and stayed on Earth to raise him, even knowing the radiation form Earth’s atmosphere was somehow poisonous to her?

But that’s just my theory. I’m not saying I’ve got an inside track but it would be pretty cool.

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