Tarantino Wants to Give us ‘Forty Lashes Less One’


by: S. Scott Stanikmas

Quentin Tarantino seems to be on a Western kick lately. First Django Unchained, now The Hateful Eight and if the rumors are true he might be bringing a long awaited project to life.

The director was speaking with Premiere magazine and brought up the fact that he still wants to do an adaptation of the Elmore Leonard book Forty Lashes Less One. He owns the rights to the story and has been working on it since at least 2000. As of 2007 he said that he’d gotten at least twenty pages of script written, but then the project just kind of dropped off his radar.

Tarantino is the king of the unfinished project. From the rumored third volume of Kill Bill to the Vega Brothers spinoff that never went anywhere, I don’t know how much stock I’m putting in this getting made.

If it does happen though I am intrigued by how he wants to move forward with it. Instead of a feature film QT envisions this being a four or six hour miniseries on TV. Tarantino is no stranger to the small screen. He did direct an episode each of ER and CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. But this is a new ballpark for the filmmaker.

However this pans out we’ll be keeping a close eye on any news regarding this. I wouldn’t expect anything to surface until after his travelling roadshow for The Hateful Eight is over, so we’ve got time.


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