Universal Has Found ‘The Mummy’… And SHE is Awesome!

Sofia Boutella

by: S. Scott Stanikmas – Senior Staff Writer

After over eighty years of male mummies taking over the silver screen, Universal is about to give the other side their due.

Kingsman badass Sofia Boutella has reportedly been looked at to get wrapped up in bandages and be the scourge of the living in the reboot that will launch the Classic Monster Universe for the studio.

The Hollywood Reporter broke the news that Boutella was being looked at. The Wrap furthered the news by saying that no deal has been struck yet but Universal and Boutella are in early talks.

No one will compare to Boris Karloff and his epic performance in the 1932 classic. And while Arnold Vosloo wasn’t horrible in the 1999 reimagining and its sequel, Karloff is a tough act to follow. Boutella will assuredly find this out, but it’s nice to see the character go in a different direction.

Rumor of the possibility of a female mummy broke a few months ago when director Alex Kurtzman and screenwriter Jon Spaihts said that two scripts were being developed – one with the classic male mummy and another with a female mummy in mind.

There were also rumors that Tom Cruise was being eyed for the lead role (a Navy SEAL) but nothing has been mentioned on that front since the initial story surfaced a few weeks ago.

We do know that the film will take place in the current day and it’s scheduled for a March 24, 2017 release date. As soon as more news becomes available we’ll update right here at Indie Revolver!

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