Christina Hendricks to Meet Billy Bob Thornton Under the Mistletoe for Bad Santa 2

Christina Hendricks

by: Jay Carlson – Editor-in-chief

Mad Men’s Christina Hendricks is set to throw on a Santa hat and join Billy Bob Thornton for the upcoming Bad Santa 2, the sequel to the hilariously inappropriate holiday classic directed by Mark Waters (Mean Girls).

The Hollywood Reporter revealed a bit about Hendricks’ character as well as some nuggets to the plot:

Hendricks will play an Ivy League-educated, upper class woman who runs a charity that is targeted by Thornton’s mall Santa and his foul-mouthed, tough-as-nails mother (Bates). And just as Lauren Graham does in the original, Hendricks has a thing for shady lowlifes in a Santa costume.

I loved the original film but I have doubts that without original director Terry Zwigoff’s and the Coen Brothers twisted sensibilities involved,  this one might not deliver in the ways I’d like it to. I’m hoping to be surprised and the sequel lives up to the original.

We’ll find out soon, as Bad Santa 2 begins shooting in Montreal next week and is set for a November 23, 2016 release.


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