Spoiler: Another Villain Showing up in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice


by: S. Scott Stanikmas – Senior Staff Writer

From the trailers for Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, we can surmise that Lex Luthor will be the main baddie with Doomsday (his science experiment involving the corpse of Zod from Man of Steel) playing warm up to DC’s Trinity. But those won’t be the only villains involved in this film.

SPOILERS ahead for those who want to go into the film with a clear mind…






Still reading? Good, let’s get this on!

According to Latino Review, Bizarro will show up at the end of the film to set up Justice League.

This would make sense. Batman does want to make Superman bleed. What if he does, and now the Kryptonian DNA ends up in Lex’s hands and he uses it to create the imperfect Superman clone?

And this would also play into what was said before by Zack Snyder, about wanting to level up the villains and threats. Superman would be enough for any number of the League to take on. But an imperfect clone who doesn’t realize that he’s doing wrong and gets madder and madder at the Super Friends for trying to stop him? That would take each member of the Justice League to help put him down.

We’ll see for sure at the end of March, when Batman V Superman Dawn of Justice hits theaters.

One thought on “Spoiler: Another Villain Showing up in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice

  1. feel so pessimistic about this but this movie is far too busy. Simple works best usually but now its got more main leads than an avengers movie….new characters that we havent seen before on screen too. I think this movie will be all style and a complete mess when it comes to character and story.

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