No New Terminator Sequels Will be in Our Immediate Future



by: S. Scott Stanikmas – Senior Staff Writer

You can only mess with the past so many times before it finally crumbles on you.

In a move that comes as no big surprise to me, Paramount has cancelled any upcoming Terminator films. The Hollywood Reporter first dropped the news that the saga of John Connor has come to an end (for the time being) and the planned trilogy that started with Terminator: Genisys is now off the books.

The last three films have all been jump off points for potential trilogies that never got out of the starting block, with Paramount opting to start fresh with each subsequent installment.

Well, Genisys was the final nail in the coffin. While it had an impressive worldwide box office take, the dismal U.S. numbers (around $89M) was the death knell that may have put this franchise to rest for good.

There’s always the chance that Paramount will decide to fully reboot the series down the line, but they’ll have a hard time convincing investors how good of an idea that is any time soon.

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